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How to Remove the Metal Plate from Your Phone

To use the mobile while driving or to watch videos and other stuff, we use adhesive metal plates to mount our mobiles up via magnet. These metallic plates are really helpful however, if you put these adhesive metal plates wrong or if you want to exchange them with a new one, we understand how painful they can be to take off. In this article, we have brought to you different methods and we will tell you how to take the metal plate off your phone easily. We will discuss those various methods in detail through which you can do that and by the end of this article you will be adept at taking those stubborn things off your phone, so make sure you read the whole article. This article will help you to know how to remove metal plate from your phone.

How to Remove the Metal Plate from Your Phone


Methods to take the metal plate off your phone

There are several methods to take the metal plate off your phone, we will be discussing five of them and you can decide which one suits you better.

Sticker Removal

If there is a sticky plastic lid between your metallic plate and your phone, you can use it to remove the metallic plate. Pry off the lid by its corner with the help of your finger and then lift it, by removing the plastic sticker you can easily take off the metal plate too as it will be attached to the sticker.

by removing the plastic sticker you can easily take off the metal plate too

Prying Tool

Take a prying tool if it is available at your home—you can also cut a piece of a plastic water bottle to use instead of the prying tool, then gently wedge the prying tool or plastic underneath your metal plate. It may take one or two try to wedge underneath the metal plate but you will be able to do it. After wedging, try to lift it by pushing it away from yourself. Once it is lifted enough, use a credit card or gift card to remove the metal plate off completely.


Thread/ Floss

You can also use a thread/ floss to take the metal plate off your phone. Cut almost 10 inches of a thread or floss and then try to get the thread underneath the metal plate properly by holding the edges of the thread and pulling it. You have to bring the thread in the middle of the metal plate as the adhesive is strong there. Once the thread cuts off the adhesive and gets underneath the metal, bring the thread to the other end of the plate and then remove it easily.


Adhesive Remover

Some metal plates can have strong adhesive which can make it hard for you to remove the metal plate off of your phone. You can use an adhesive remover in that case. First, you need to wedge a prying tool (or plastic) underneath the corner of the metal plate, as you lift it with the prying tool’s help apply the adhesive remover on the exposed area of the plate, continue doing so until you have your whole metal plate off.



One more method to reduce the adhesiveness is to use a hairdryer. If you do not have an adhesive remover at home, you can just use a hairdryer to heat the metal plate for 20-30 seconds. As soon as the metal plate is heated up, the adhesive will melt and then you can remove it off with the help of a credit card or thread.

You Can Just Use a Hairdryer to Heat the Metal Plate for 20-30 Seconds

Some precautions to take while removing the metal plate off of your phone


  • While taking off the metal plate you do not want to scratch your phone, so make sure that the prying tool is of plastic. Also, be gentle while using the tool.
  • Do not use any metallic objects to remove the metal plate. Be mindful of not scratching the metal of your phone.
  • If you choose to remove the metal with the help of a thread, then pick up a strong thread so that it does not get broken while you are trying to get it underneath the metal plate. Due to this reason, we prefer floss over the thread as it is stronger and does not get broken easily. Even if the thread or floss gets broken, there is no need to worry as you can simply use another piece of thread again.
  • Some people try to use alcohol, acetone, and other agents to dissolve the adhesive but we would not recommend it as it might damage your phone.



On a concluding note, we would recommend you to choose the method which works the best for you. If you do not have a certain tool to remove the metal plate off your phone, you can simply try the other methods as most of the things mentioned are easily available at home.

Also, when you stick the adhesive metal plate to your phone, make sure you are following all of the instructions as once you take the plate off it will lose its adhesiveness. 

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Written by Anaya Azeem.


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